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Member TOS Collection of Personal Information or Other Details When you visit at, we at Gigolo Pvt Ltd simply collect as well as store your personal details that may have been submitted by you from time to time. The main objective behind doing this is to help you provide a secured system of browsing through our website. .

Use of Profile Data/Demographic/Your Details

Member TOS We may or may not use your profile data, demographic and even other details. The main motto behind using your personal information is to help you accessing more focused or customized content. Since we tend to provide our users best out of the best gigolo dating experience, we collect and store information of our users.

Use of Cookies

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Member TOS A cookie can be described as a tiny piece of information stored by a particular web server on a given web browser. Here, you need to remember that we also use cookies in order to enhance the experience of our users. We at Gigolo Pvt Ltd place both temporary and permanent cookies in order to have control over our unique gigolo dating services. So, if you don’t want to get involved into cookies, you should avoid visiting at our website.

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Member TOS

Member TOS When you visit at, you may find links that can redirect to other websites. There could be various reasons behind placing outbound links – from providing value to content to promotion. So, if you click on a link given on our website, you will be responsible for your activities on that particular website. Since we don’t have control over other websites links to our site, you need to be conscious enough before visiting those websites. We at Gigolo Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for anything found on those websites.

Security Precautions

Member TOS However, is a safe and secured gigolo dating site, but we still don’t claim to be completely safe. We may be victim of malware or virus attack. Thus, in such a situation, you will be responsible for everything that may be done with your account or personal information. But yes, it is true that we at Gigolo Pvt Ltd provide solid security and privacy to personal information of our users.

Member TOS