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Platinum Package


After 6 Month Renewal Fees 10000/-

  • Validity: 6 Month
  • Monthly: 15 Clients (Fix)
  • Client Payment Mode :CASH And Account
  • Payment: 30000-40000 Per Meeting
  • Agency 40% Commission After
  • All Meeting Time 2 - 4Hours Only
  • Instant Activation Of Dating (Login)
  • Co-Ordinate By Hotel Location Company Agent
  • Normal Ya V.I.P Client
  • Pic And Drop Hotel Location
  • Life Insurance 1 Lac. Under Meeting Time
  • 24/7 Customer Support Dedicate
  • Without Pay Fees Not Join This Club
  • Register Fees Pay Tax 18%
  • All T&C Apply
Men Seeking Women

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As a result of our ever growing customer base, we are seeking the help of a countable and mature young people who call our customer hours to become a man, hence the precious gift of rich girls in India is the world with love and wealth.
Enjoy this thrilling and enjoyable oriented battle and gain access to high class girls. Imagine the sensation of being compensated by girls for spending some time together in a planet in which the inverse case is the most popular. Platinum Package
We’re educated young client in the crafts of man escort and gigolo. Platinum Package
We’ll increase your communication capabilities and give us an opinion that by joining the group of Mingle Escort. The industries and affiliated girls of India get excellent wealth and unaccounted money. Platinum Package


In Gigolo Pvt Ltd  professional male sex workers make there clients their aim for women and girls who are looking for sex partner to meet their sexual and sexual need and they will pay for it. Wealthy ladies who essentially travel in the areas of their company’s work, they stay away from homa all the time and they want to get some relief stress at any time. In this situation they will jio our trustyworthy website. Platinum Package

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